– HarSval –
A bilateral initiative for harmonisation of the Svalbard cooperation

Scientific collaboration between Poland and Norway
in Svalbard for a sustainable future

Work packages

WP 1 – Collaboration

Activities aiming at modernization and standardization of the Svalbard observing system in priority areas for the Polish and Norwegian polar communities – the most scientific component of the project, covering several joint Polish-Norwegian field campaigns.
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WP 2 – Skills Development

Activities aiming at the development of competencies and skills, internationalization, and increasing visibility of the Polish polar community, implemented in Polish-Norwegian cooperation – support for the mobility of scientists, competitions for internships, courses, conferences and research for students and PhD students.
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WP 3 – Data Sharing

Activities in FAIR data and open science – workshops, training, development of the data sharing system in Poland and increasing the connection with SIOS Data Portal.

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WP 4 – Dissemination

Activities in the dissemination, communication and management, incl. two workshops on strategic planning, feedback and transparency in research, legal bases of research & development, IP law, data protection and sharing and scientific diplomacy.
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